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Year 1 enjoy food and farming topic

The children are really enjoying our food and farming topic. This week the children were delighted to try different cereals and learn about where different crops grow. We learnt how cereals are harvested and all about the Harvest festival in RE. We talked about healthy breakfasts and why coco pops and frosties weren’t the best choice of cereal to eat everyday because they have lots of sugar in them. The children enjoyed voting for their favourite cereal and creating a bar charts to show our results. In English have been focusing on the alphabet and letter names, we enjoyed matching upper and lower case letters. We made our own fruit alphabets and funny alliteration poems. In science we have been looking at wild flowers and plants identifying and naming them. In maths we have enjoyed adding 3 numbers, spotting paris to 10 and doubles. We are very excited to go on our trip to pizza express on Tuesday.

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