Great Geography in Year 1 | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Great Geography in Year 1

Following our research at home about our journey to school, we taught each other about our route to school, means of transport and the time it takes us to get to school. We created a physical graph to show how far we lived from school and then drew a representation of how we travel to school and stuck it on a bar graph. The children have learnt about plans and simple maps and next week will be creating their own collage plan of school.

We have enjoyed addition and subtraction in maths and are beginning to use number lines to help us with our sums. In science we had a textures walk and searched for a variety of different textures during Forest School. We loved our new colourful feely bags.

We look forward to seeing you at our Curriculum Guidance Evening next week on Tuesday 9th at 6pm in G8.

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