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Year 1 look at different fairy tales

We have had another magical week looking at different fairy tales. We read the story Cinderella and identified all the words ending in -ing. We then successfully used words with our new suffix, -ing, to write short sentences. We also shared adjectives to describe Cinderella before and after her amazing transformation. We were all very enthusiastic and shared some fantastic words to describe the princess. We thought of words such as; scruffy, dusty, ragged and tired to describe Cinderella at the start of the story and words such as; glamorous, gorgeous, elegant and sparkly after her beautiful transformation.

In Science we used our investigative skills to identify which materials would be best to keep us dry. We had the opportunity to predict and discuss what we think the best waterproof material will be, before fairly testing a range of materials to check whether our predictions were correct. We all had a great time predicting and testing before concluding that the best material to keep us dry would be...coloured plastic!!

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