Year 1 - Alien landing! | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 1 - Alien landing!

What an exciting start to the second half of the Autumn term. Mr Phil was working on the school field when all of a sudden he heard a noise! A loud booming sound was coming from somewhere up above the trees! Being a very quick thinker, he grabbed his phone and started to video an amazing spectacle. A large spaceship was hovering above his head right before his eyes. He was so excited that he sent the clip to Year 1 and we have been investigating this ever since! He also saw a ‘flash of yellow’ right at the bottom of the field so this gave us a very good starting point for our investigations. Throughout the week we have found out that the ‘flash of yellow’ that Mr Phil saw was in fact a small yellow alien named Beegu! She is very cute, with long floppy ears and three eyes. She has lost her Mummy and Daddy and she has been very frightened during her time on Earth. She wrote us a letter asking for our help. We have designed ‘lost’ posters and listened to a story about her so we could find out a little more about who she is and how she was feeling. One of the class even suggested writing some cards to tell Beegu all about the children in Year 1 so she wouldn’t be scared of us if she met us. What a lovely gesture! We have been thinking of questions that we would ask her if we ever met her and the children have been so involved and excited about this English task, which has been fantastic to see. Their kindness and empathy has really shined bright.

In Science we have investigated the last of the two senses, taste and smell. The children learnt about bitter, sweet, sour and salty flavours and learnt a new word ‘umami’. The children were really keen to try all of the different flavours and were excited to feel their taste buds working in different areas of their tongues.

In Maths we have been learning the skill of counting on to find the difference between two numbers and have also discovered that addition and subtraction are opposites! On top of all of this excitement we have also started our Christmas play rehearsals! I could go on and on about all of the other things we have been learning about since our return to school but I think we are ready for the weekend and a very good rest. Looking forward to Monday morning already!

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