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Year 1 - Alphabetical ordering and division

This week we have loved getting the dictionaries out and learning about alphabetical order. We have ordered different objects in alphabetical order and learnt that you need to look at the second or third letter when both objects begin with the same letter.

Maths has been all about sharing groups of objects equally this week. We started the week working in pairs and sharing groups equally. We tackled some tricky time problems in maths working out how to find to share groups into three and four groups. We then moved onto finding a fraction in shapes. We then learnt to record our results.

In Science we have been investigating plants. We identified and labelled the different parts of a plant including leaf, stem, flower and root. Next week we will be thinking about what plants need to grow.

In Art we carefully looked at work by the artist Giuseppe Acrimboldo and created our own portraits using different fruits.

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