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Year 1 demonstrate their agility, balance and coordination skills in PE

Year 1 have hit the ground running in PE after their well earned rest in the Christmas holidays. In their lessons so far, they have demonstrated and refined their fundamental movement skills of agility, balance and coordination through an array of physical activities including gymnastics, yoga, problem based games and multi skills. In their gymnastics lessons they have been exploring different shapes and balances with the use of equipment. Within yoga, problem based games and multi skills, the lessons have revolved around a holistic approach where children are provided with extensive opportunities to develop physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. In lessons, they have been exposed to appropriately challenging problems within games that require them to find solutions either as an individual or as a small team.

As a result, each child has demonstrated not only their physical attributes, but also their ability to interact with their peers, identify solutions and utilise tactics they or their team have developed. The overriding aim of PE throughout the year is to ensure that lessons are fun and enjoyable so that a love of physical activity can be nurtured over time.

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