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Year 1 - Empathy for the Big Bad Wolf

What a super sunny feel we have had on our return for our final half term in Year 1. We have started to practise the end of year production and we have been very impressed with how well the children have been learning their lines over the half term break. In class we have been encouraging the children to deliver their lines with clarity and volume so please can you continue to do the same at home.

We have started learning the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood and learning about each character and how they might be feeling. The children have been showing their empathetic sides and realising that maybe the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ may not be as terrifying as everyone thinks he is! Following on from a letter delivered by ‘Wolfie mail’ asking for advice on how to be a better friend, the children have been thinking of reasons why the Wolf is feeling sad. Maybe he just wanted to make friends or invite people for a playdate? In ICT the children have been excited about designing their own garden which will then be transferred onto slides over the next few weeks. We will be looking at how to insert images, copy and paste. Enlarge pictures of various flowers and also adding simple text. We know the next few days are going to be pretty hot and we have been discussing the importance of wearing a school sunhat at break times and keeping hydrated throughout the day.

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