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Year 1 enjoy the fruits of their labour

What a lovely day we all had on Saturday; the sun shone and our renowned fruit kebab stall was all prepared and we were ready to go at the Gateway Summer Fair! Friday afternoon had proved to be very sticky with all the fruit which the children carefully threaded onto skewers. The healthy, delicious, sweet, juicy fruit kebabs were ready! (The children have also been thinking about adjectives!) The children had also made banners to hang up advertising their wares and had been practising their money skills in Maths. The stall was very well-manned by punctual sellers and , due to their careful mathematical calculations the stall made an amazing profit of £62.50. Well done children!

In Maths this week, the children have been thinking about time and what sort of things they can do in a second, minute and an hour. They enjoyed finding out how many times they can write their names in a minute, count to ten in a minute and build a tower of 10 cubes in a minute. How many star jumps can you do in a minute?!

Finally, nothing could dampen the children’s enthusiasm and good spirits on Tuesday morning when the Junior Sports Morning was held. Despite a drizzly start, the children ran, jumped, balanced, threw and cheered each other on with glee and excitement, doing their very best. Your teachers are so proud of you.

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