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Year 1 enjoy a messy time making bread dough

Year 1 are really enjoying their topic ‘Food and Farming’ this term. We are keeping this link in R.E. and are looking at food eaten at different religious festivals.Last week, we considered the Jewish celebration of Passover. The children listened to how this celebration came about and what the Jews are celebrating. They learnt that unleavened bread is eaten now as the Jews remember that there wasn’t enough time all those years ago to wait for the bread to rise. The children made a bread dough using yeast (gloriously messy!) and then looked at a dough which had been made 6 hours earlier. They were fascinated that it had risen to the top of the bowl and was full of air. They then sampled some flatbread and a well risen yeasty loaf, spotting all the air holes in the latter. Both were deemed tasty!

In Science, the children looked at different vegetables and discussed which part of the plant is eaten. They saw the leaves of the carrot and realised that even though we eat the leaves of a lettuce we eat the root of a carrot. They also saw the roots of a lettuce plant and saw that we couldn’t eat them. The stems of celery and asparagus were considered, as were radishes and cauliflower. They also enjoyed sampling them and we were impressed by how adventurous the children were at this!

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