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Year 1 - Fantastic fairy tales continued...

Year 1 have explored another traditional fairy tale this week. They had the pleasure of completing a range of activities based on the story Cinderella. We were busy describing the different characters while also creating models of them using Lego. We had some great models of castles and characters from the story. The children were also fantastic at creating a list of jobs Cinderella could complete during the week. Here we worked hard to name the days of the week and added adjectives to describe all the messy jobs Cinderella would have to carry out. We finished the week by creating an alternative ending to the traditional story. We had fantastic ideas from all the children and they were all able to successfully write their ideas down to create a different story ending.

In Maths we revisited the ‘greater than’ and ‘less than' symbols. We were successfully able to put the correct symbols in when comparing a range of given numbers. We also ended the week by striving to solve some maths problems. Well done to all the children for persevering to complete the number problems.

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