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Year 1 - Farm fun

Since returning to school at the start of the Summer term, the love of the ‘Great Outdoors’ has really taken over! This half term, Year 1 are enjoying the unique opportunity to participate in weekly visits to Mr Dyson’s farm. Every Thursday the whole year group pull on their wellies and explore every inch of the farm and meet some of the local residents. They have met the dairy cows, fed the chickens and the rooster and had great fun meeting the working farm dogs and witnessing just how well behaved they are! The children threw sticks for them, watched them follow Mr Dyson’s commands and the dogs revelled in the love and attention showered upon them from the children.

Alongside our weekly visits we were also lucky enough to take a trip to the local ‘Collings Hanger farm’ in Prestwood. Here, Virginia, showed us round and let us explore a quarter of the land that belongs to the farm. We learnt how important it was to be quiet around the livestock so we didn’t scare them and we were so good at this that we were even able to get up close to a friendly cow in the field and stroke her, noticing how warm and calm she was. We also looked at the variety of trees that grow on the land and we loved the beautiful blossom on the fruit trees in the orchard. The morning involved lots of walking and exploring and even races from one tree to the next! It is such a beautiful time of the year to be able to discover and learn about the fascinating world around us and we all agreed that we are very lucky to be living and learning in such stunning countryside. We can’t wait to go on our next adventure down on the farm! Don’t forget to ask your children all about their experiences as we are sure they will be able to tell you all the exciting things they are getting up to.

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