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Year 1 - Get a ‘pizza’ the action

The children have ended a busy half term with a trip to a local pizza restaurant in Great Missenden this week. We were extremely lucky with the weather considering the last few weeks of torrential rain and walked down the High Street to Fan Fan. As they were making pizza for our lunches, we first had to learn where pizzas originated from and the basic ingredients used. This trip was designed to reinforce what the children have been learning about food and farming. Each child had their own workstation and learned how to roll and stretch the dough. They spread the tomato sauce evenly and added mozzarella. A few brave ones tried basil and added that too. They really enjoyed the fruits of their labour. This might be an activity that many would like to repeat in the holidays!

Our Maths work reiterated our pizza making as we have been practicing word problems such as cutting pizza into halves and quarters. We have also started learning about and using positional language, for example making quarter and half turns, which proved useful when rotating the pizza dough to make a circle.

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