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Year 1 have a lovely visit from Dr Thakore

The children were delighted on Monday morning finding out what each other had been doing over the half-term. There were lots of excited conversations and it was lovely to hear what they had enjoyed doing during the break. In English we have been writing Fantasy stories using atmospheric adjectives to describe setting and characters. Maths has been focused on ordering and comparing 2-digit numbers and finding the missing number in a sequence. Working in groups of 3, the children made their own cards with 2 numbers missing from the sequence; we had fun discovering these missing numbers. RE this week was amazing. Dr Thakore came to talk to the children about her religion, Sikhism. It was so interesting to find out first hand some of the wonderful customs and beliefs behind this relatively new religion - only 500 years old! We learnt to count to 5 in Punjabi and looked at the Punjabi alphabet. We also enjoyed seeing pictures of Dr Thakore’s family in traditional dress at various weddings, including her own. The children, of course were fascinated to learn about the 5 K’s, particularly the Kirpan! We already knew about the Kara from both Sahil and Tushaan.

In Forest School the bees we had made in class were very busy pollinating lots of flowers so much so that the children created a pollen factory with a honey store.

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