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Year 1 investigate our sense of smell

It was so lovely to see the children bouncing back to school on Monday with a big smile on their faces; all feeling rested after half term holiday and ready to learn. This week in Maths we have started by learning to use the correct symbols to compare two different number sentences. We were practising how to solve addition and subtraction problems together in context and compare numbers, using the < and > symbols to answer questions. In English we have learned how to write in the past tense - ‘Uncle Ed was very helpful’. We have also explored onomatopoeic words in a poem. We were very impressed by the confidence with which children recited their poems during the house poetry week. We have finished our week with investigation of our sense of smell. Children have shown great curiosity about this concept and asked many interesting questions. We had a great time collecting data and sorting a range of smells into two groups that we named ‘super smells’ and ‘nasty sniffs’. Why don’t you ask us what we have found out?

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