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Year 1 make delicious fruit skewers

Well done Year 1 for another busy week! In our topic work, we have been learning about fruit, how good it is for us, how it tastes, how it looks and how it smells! The classroom certainly smelt amazing after our activity was completed. The children had to listen to and follow instructions to make fruit skewers. This is sometimes a challenge for children of this age, but the delicious smell and sight of the fruit kept everyone very focussed and they followed the instructions to the letter. We carefully washed our hands and wiped the tables. Each child had their pre packed fruit box but had to follow instructions to assemble the skewers independently. The children were learning how to use imperative verbs such as wash, cut, chop, slice, push and eat. As you can see the results speak for themselves! I was very impressed how the children were keen to practise their French, with lots of the children using the vocabulary they have been learning with Madame Morrall. They also impressed me by having a go at tasting new flavours.

William - ‘I tried a different type of apple and I loved it!’

Belle - ‘That was the best fruit skewer ever!’

Ben - ‘I tried grapes and I liked them. I know they are called les raisins in French.’

Max - ‘I liked all the fruits and I’m enjoying the pineapple the best’.

The instructions we used are on the Google classroom ( topic). I’m sure there might be eager volunteers to help make these again at home!

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