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Year 1 read and discuss the book 'The Cat and the Bird'

We have all enjoyed hearing about each other’s half term holidays - what a busy lot of children we have and we have continued the ‘busy’ theme this week at school as well!

In English, the children have looked at the book ‘The Cat and the Bird’ by Geraldine Eschner and Peggy Nille. The story was inspired by the painting ‘Cat and Bird’ by Paul Klee. They have listened to the story, looking carefully at the pictures, thinking about the feelings of both creatures. There is plenty to think about. The children then retold the story in their own words and also had to think of a different ending, thus innovating the story.

In Science, we completed our studies about materials. This week the children thought about why some objects can be made out of different materials and why. They were set a challenge to think about how to record their findings, and Venn diagrams were mentioned and also pictures, both of which are ways we have used. Charlie, however, thought of drawing a table and even managed to suggest ideas for headings - brilliant! We decided that was a good way and so completed a table showing that plastic, wood and metal were useful materials. We also thought of reasons why rubber was best for wellington boots and not paper! ,

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