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Year 1 - Telling time and selling houses

Another busy week for Year One! And what a year group they are. Following on from their prowess, progress and polite manners at swimming every week, they have been extremely excited and enthusiastic about Take One Picture. For the uninitiated, this has been about 4 weeks in the making. The initial unveiling of this year's picture by the National Gallery revealed the children would be looking at “A shipwreck in Stormy Seas “ by Jean-Claude Vernet. This year's exhibition was the culmination of the children's ideas and planning, with input from the staff to facilitate their dreams. We hope you enjoyed their efforts and had a chance to see what they did. The work is on display in the school hall until 6pm on Friday 11th March and for prospective parents at the Open Morning on Saturday.

In the classroom, we have been consolidating our learning about telling the time. We can (almost) confidently confirm the children can tell the time to o’clock and half past the hour- though the Roman numerals on church clock towers have caused a few problems. Please continue to ask your child the time as practise makes perfect! We have also been solving time problems such as if it is half past 5 and your favourite programme starts in half an hour, what time will it be? It’s amazing how keen the children are to ensure they get to watch their programme, go to a sports club or after school activity. It gives a purpose to the learning as well as instilling a lifelong skill.

As part of our topic Houses and Homes we have been learning the art of persuasive writing and some of them can be very persuasive! They thoroughly enjoyed pretending to sell houses; using adjectives to write an advertisement. Who knew there were so many houses to advertise , with “spacious gardens, beautiful views and the amazing Gateway School just around the corner!”

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