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Year 1 use their brains and bodies at the Discovery Centre

What a busy week we have had in Year 1. Everyone was very excited for our first school trip; we went to the Discovery Centre in Bracknell for a super science day. The day started with very energetic children getting stuck into various scientific workstations. They were able to demonstrate their strength and muscles in the 'Forces and Movement' section while displaying pure awe and wonder in the 'Body and Perception' section. We then participated in an 'Animal and Human' workshop where the children enjoyed learning about different animals and their habitats. After the workshop we carried on exploring different sensory rooms, each room containing a variety things to discover using our senses. The children had a great day and participated in a number of activities including; building a house on a building site, splashing boats down a river, chasing spotlights in a dance machine and taking pictures using a shadow camera. There were lots of magical moments and a number of curious children. We had a very quiet journey on the way home, where most of the children took a well deserved nap!

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