Year 1 - Welcome back! | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 1 - Welcome back!

It was lovely to welcome back the children and hear all the exciting stories about their holidays. They were so enthusiastic and full of beans - and all ready to learn about new things!

We began the new year with a good clear out - recycling our Christmas rubbish. The children showed their green credentials with a wealth of relevant comments. We enjoyed sorting the rubbish into the correct materials and then taking it all to the bins located on our school patio.

In Science we were trying to find an answer to a big question “Why do we have seasons?”. We were replicating the movement of the earth around the Sun and seeing how direct sunlight will make the earth warmer and cause Summer seasons. Interestingly, we have discovered that countries around the equator have only two seasons; wet and dry. This week we have focused on understanding the difference between weather and climate. We have also become aware of climate change and had a great time designing our own poster that would promote ways that we could help at home to save our planet.

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