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Year 1 - Writing non fiction and exploring nature

Welcome back Year 1. It sounds like you all had a fantastic half term filled with some family fun.

This week we started our brand new topic, ‘Houses and Homes’. The children were very excited to share pictures and drawings of their house with their friends. In English we focussed on non-fiction texts. Children successfully drew their house and labelled the key parts with explanations of why these features are important in a home, e.g. the window is important as it lets light and air into the house. Throughout the week the children became architects and carefully drew floor plans from a bird’s-eye view of each storey in their home. The children enjoyed sharing the different rooms they have on each floor and what they are used for.

In Maths we have spent this week revisiting some of our learning. Children independently picked from different challenges each day to consolidate their learning. Well done to all of Year 1 for giving all the challenges a go!

The children also enjoyed being outdoors during Forest School. This week's mission was to get some interesting bark rubbings. Everyone successfully used paper and a wax crayon to create some lovely bark rubbing prints. The children explored the idea of getting bark rubbings from different trees but also achieving rubbings from the same tree but in different parts of the trunk.

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