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Year 2 don't want to spoil their Take One Picture surprise!

What a busy week it has been. Take one picture is always one of the highlights of the year and this week has been no exception we have done so many exciting things but don’t want to give too much away and spoil the surprise for the upcoming open event. In Maths this week we have been looking at capacity. The children really enjoyed being set the challenge of making a container with the greatest capacity out of a single sheet of A4 card and some sellotape. It is not as simple as it may sound and the designs took many varied forms including cylinders, cones, trays and Oliver’s ‘crisp packet’. It was with great excitement and anticipation that each entry was tested and the number of cups of lentils were counted. Each time Lennon was convinced ‘This is the one we have been looking for’ but in the end it was Bella’s design which took the winning spot holding an impressive 19 cups of lentils!

Later in the week we took our learning outside to discover how many cups in a litre? This was a useful way of proving the importance of standard units of measure as each group had a different size cup and set out to discover how many cup fulls were in a litre. The children practiced being accurate with their measuring, filling each cup to the brim and reading the scale on the measuring jug to ensure they had exactly 1 litre. Results were tallied, collated and then turned into block graphs.

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