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Year 2 enjoy the magic of George's Marvellous Medicine

A new week in school has brought with it new and marvellous story magic with George’s Marvellous Medicine!

At the beginning of the week we worked on our reading comprehension as we became detectives by looking for clues in the text that told us exactly how wicked George’s Grandma was! We discussed how George must have felt living on a farm miles away from his friends and decided that we’d all like to be a friend to George.

Throughout the week, we have started to work on learning and performing the amusing poem to accompany George’s mischievous plan. This of course, came with a clear warning - not to try to make this or any other potion at home! Our performances have given us lots of giggles and we’ve worked hard to support one another to use our performing voice. In particular, we’ve worked on speaking clearly and slowly, aiming for our voices to bounce off the back of the wall in our classrooms. This poem will be recited off by heart as part of our house competition, so please do ask to hear it performed at home this weekend!

All of the humorous rhymes, had us thinking about our own imaginary ingredients that we’d like to add in to a revolting medicine of our own. This will lead us on to creating our own set of clear instructions for our imaginary medicine next week.

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