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Year 2 create their own version of Little Red Riding Hood

This week we have been having great fun developing our own version of the well known traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood. We have considered the importance of a detailed setting description to give the reader a picture in their mind to go along with the story. We then considered how the story would have differed if Little Red Riding Hood had lived in a flat in London rather than the cottage in the woods and wrote setting descriptions of our own. What would her flat be like? What might she see from her window? And What would she be able to hear?

We have now started to develop our own twist for the end of the story which we will be writing next week.

In forest school we worked in groups to act out the story taking it in turns to play the role of Red Riding Hood, the wolf, Granny and the woodcutter.

In topic we made our penultimate trip to India this week, to find out about the Ganges, Indus and Narmada rivers. We found out about the importance of the Ganges to Hindus, the importance of the rivers for growing food and cleaning but also the risks from pollution. We also talked about what happens when a river floods and discussed what might happen to people, animals and buildings when there is a flood.

In maths after much anticipation we have been using repeated addition and arrays to answer multiplication questions and have begun to look at division as sharing into equal groups.

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