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Year 2 make miniature Minpin homes in Forest School

Did you know that hopscothy means happy? And a trogglehumper is a terrible dream? This week, the children have been inspired by some of the wonderful made up words that Roald Dahl included in many of his much loved books. We spent some time matching and creating different combinations of words, which made us all giggle! The children then created their own meanings for each of their new words. Great excitement occurred when they thought of a really whoopsy whiffing scrumptious word!

In Drama and English work, the children (and Little Billy) have ventured further into the Forest of Sin. This time, they made some new friends along the way ‘The Minpins!’ The children have imagined what it must be like to peep through the tiny windows and see a whole miniature world before them. We are hoping The Minpins will help Little Billy find his way back home. In Forest school this Thursday, children have also enjoyed exploring and making miniature Minpin homes around our wooded area.

In Maths, we have continued to develop our understanding of place value and partitioning numbers different ways. We have also introduced the greater than/less than crocodiles and how to use these symbols when comparing two numbers. It helped us to remember that the greedy crocodile always loves to gobble up the biggest numbers!

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