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Year 2 consider which materials are absorbent

Year 2 have been very busy this week and working very hard . In English, they have been thinking how Roald Dahl made his stories so exciting, and after considering which of his stories was their own favourite, they have retold it trying to use expressive noun phrases, powerful verbs and correct capital letters and full stops. A lot to think about! What a wonderful variety of stories we have been able to enjoy, ranging from Billy and the Minpins to The Enormous Crocodile, with some George’s Marvellous Medicine and the BFG as well. Their hard work and attention to detail show how much the children have enjoyed our module on Roald Dahl.

This half of term in Science, the children have considered how properties of materials make them suitable for different objects. They have been learning how to plan a fair test and what this means. They have thought carefully about the equipment they will need and how to carry out the investigations cooperatively. As the term has progressed, it has been obvious how much more independent they are becoming when doing this. This week, the children are considering which materials are absorbent - very useful if a water bottle has leaked all over the floor! They have looked at the structure of the absorbent materials using a sponge, and noticed all the holes get filled up with water.

In R.E., the children have thought about ‘Celebrations’ and after noting some religious and some secular events, they are now considering some religious ones in more detail This week, we have thought about the Jewish marking of Sukkot and how it celebrates the gathering of the harvest, and the flight from Egypt and how the Jewish people were fed by God. During Sukkot, Jewish families build a temporary little hut or shelter in which to eat and even sleep, which the children replicated by making a small one in the classroom. They greatly enjoyed this activity!

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