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Year 2 ask the question 'What does a Lighthouse Keeper have for lunch?

What does a Lighthouse Keeper have for lunch? Ask year 2 and they will be able to give you plenty of suggestions! This week we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the many Lighthouse Keeper stories written by Ronda Armitage. We have compared and contrasted the different stories and found out lots of information about the Author. Did you know that Ronda writes the stories and her husband David illustrates them? We were interested to find out that as a child in New Zealand Ronda Armitage actually wanted to be a Lighthouse Keeper herself which is no doubt where the inspiration for the character Mr Grinling came from. We have also been finding out the history of lighthouses including the surprising fact that the first known lighthouse was built in Egypt over 2000 years ago! We discovered that the oldest surviving lighthouse is in Spain and that there are around 100 lighthouses in the UK although many of them are no longer in use. We can’t wait to put all of this research to use over the next few weeks as we become the authors of our very own Lighthouse Keeper stories.

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