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Year 2 - Celebrating British beaches

What a week it has been! In homage to the changeable weather we have been experiencing, Year 2 has been on a whistle-stop tour of the British seaside, all from the classrooms of course. We found out that the most famous seaside towns and villages are all around the coastline of the UK, including in Scotland and Wales. The children were able to find their chosen seaside town on a giant map of the UK, before creating their own model of a famous landmark of each place. Dylan, Phoebe and Beatrice created Brighton pier out of blocks and Edgar, Oscar and Charlotte made the colourful beach-huts at Lowestoft out of Lego.

In English, we have been taking a deep dive under the ocean. In the story of Flotsam, the little boy finds an underwater camera and he takes the film to be developed. When he looks at the first photo, he makes a face of total astonishment. We had lots of fun predicting what could have been in the photos: was it an underwater scene, or perhaps a photograph from the past? When we eventually saw the picture, we discovered that it was a picture of an octopus family reading a story in their ‘wall-less home surrounded by water’ (as Edgar put it so beautifully). The children had the challenge of describing what they could see in the picture and had fun choosing the most ambitious language they could!

In Science, we have continued thinking about plants. This week we have focused on identifying the parts of the plant and learning about the importance of pollinators like bees and insects flying between flowers in order to create seeds. Year 2 were amazed to understand the UV colours that bees can see and they loved creating their own bees and investigating why bees are so brilliant.

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