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Year 2 children get active

What an exciting week it’s been! The snow fall this week has certainly brought many smiles and excitement to the classroom as we were regaled with stories of adventurous journeys home on Tuesday evening!

In science this week, we have been continuing our learning about ‘healthy living’ and looking at how our lifestyles help us to stay healthy. Having previously considered our diets and what types of food are necessary to keep us well, we have spent time this week considering the exercise we do everyday and how this makes our bodies feel. After a very active P.E session, the children were photographed - rosy cheeks and all! They then looked at their photographs and considered the impact that their running about had had on their bodies including their breathing, heart rate, body temperature as well as their physical appearance. It was also fantastic to note that many children were aware of the positive impact that the exercise had had on their emotional wellbeing and recognised that they felt ‘brilliant’.

We discussed the different physical activities that the children partake in during the week and what a wide range of suggestions we had! It was clear to see that our 6 and 7 year olds are very active indeed!!

In English this week, we have continued to work on producing our own information booklet on India, with a lovely focus on the animals that live there. Did you know that tiger cubs are born with their eyes shut and only open them after two weeks?

We are all now looking forward to our school trip to Neasden Mandir on Monday!

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