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Year 2 children make delicious samosas

Well what a week we have had in Year 2! On Monday after some intrepide scouring of the supermarket shelves we were able to continue our exploration into the cuisine of India. Having tracked down the Filo pastry the children were delighted to have the opportunity to make their very own Samosas, getting the folding right was a challenge but judging by the speed 2KBr devoured them they were a big hit. Chase even asked if he could have the recipe to have another go at home. In addition to preparing the Samosas the children also looked closely at some of the many varied spices used in Indian cooking. The children were given a range of spices and, after looking at them carefully, tried to decide which part of the plant they thought the spice came from. The cumin seeds and coriander leaf were obvious, but cloves was more challenging, though once told it was the bud before it had started to unfurl, the children reexamined them and felt it was obvious. They found the bark of the cinnamon stick interesting as the children could see how it curled. They also enjoyed smelling the ground versions of the different spices, working out if they might go in sweet or savoury dishes and if they thought they were cool or fiery.

Did you know bananas conduct electricity? Well your children do. Having previously explored which classroom items conduct electricity and learned to be careful when positioning crocodile clips so as not to touch the metal (because WE DO complete a circuit) they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the bananas!

The children had to connect up the wires to the circuit board and then insert the other ends into the bananas. It was then possible to play the bananas like the keys of a keyboard - but only if you were the one holding the earth wire as we soon found out.

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