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Year 2 children use their imagination

How can you read a book which hasn’t any words? That is the challenge the Year 2 children have been considering. All depends on expert details in the pictures and expert observational skills from the readers. The children have considered the senses evoked in the first few pages of the book ‘Flotsam’ by David Weisner and they have written a diary page from the boy’s perspective. It has been lovely to see how imaginative the children are and how their descriptions using adverbs, comparative and superlative adjectives and even a few subordinate clauses help create a real sense of being there. ‘Whilst I was walking, I saw a tiny crab.’ (Dillon) ‘I was swept off my feet before I could think!’ (Zalie) ‘Its feet were so tickly and its antennae were like feather dusters.’ (Max) ‘Every time I touched it, its little pincers dug into my hand.’ (Elodie).

Topic this term is an exciting historical exploration of the seaside holidays enjoyed by the Victorians. The children have already noted that their dress for the seaside was very formal and there are many photos of huts with wheels by the edge of the water. Using the book ‘Queen Victoria’s Bathing Machine’ by Gloria Whelan, the children found out more about the Victorian bathing machines. (If you have not read the book, it is well worth doing so; it is highly recommended by the children!)

In science, the children have been detectives this week, using magnifying glasses to look at different seeds more closely and so be able to sort and identify the seeds. They considered texture, size and colour of the seeds.

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