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Year 2 create pictures linked to their House Poem

Yet another busy week for Year 2! The children have continued with their studies of the Isle of Coll/Struay and are really enjoying reading the Katie Morag books. This week they have been considering feelings and emotions such as anger, jealousy and relief, and thinking about why Katie Morag behaved as she did kicking Ted into the sea. They wrote a letter using the key features needed to her Grannie telling her what had happened, remembering to use the first person when writing, and of course they included the happy ending to the story. Then, in Art this week, the children have enjoyed finishing their picture which was linked to their House poem (which they recited to Mrs L Kemp last week with great aplomb and confidence. We were so proud of them.).They used the poem as a stimulus and chose a variety of media to create a representation of George’s concoction.

In Science, the children have finished writing their booklets about a famous inventor of a material and are now thinking about forces and how different types of forces can change the shapes of objects. Lots of excitement ensued when they gave instructions to their partners to bend or stretch a part of their body determined by the roll of a dice!

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