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Year 2 develop their observational skills

How can you read a book which has no words? That is the challenge the Year 2 children have been considering. It all depends on details in the pictures and expert observational skills from the readers. The children have considered the senses evoked in the first few pages of the book ‘Flotsam’ by David Weisner identifying the sound of ‘waves crashing’ ‘a crab scuttling across the sand’ the smell and taste of the ‘salty sea’ and the sight of a ’tiny crab with feathery antennae’ and ‘sharp pincers’. They have also imagined what the boy in the story might be thinking and feeling as his day by the sea unfolds. They are now using all these ideas to plan a diary page from the boy’s perspective.

In science, the children have been detectives this week. They were presented with a selection of mystery seeds, which they then had to study carefully using magnifying glasses, to sort and attempt to identify the seeds. Peas were easy to identify, whilst Onion seeds were far more tricky and we were impressed by the number of children who recognised carrot seeds from their own planting at home! They considered the seed's texture, size and colour to write a set of descriptions for a ‘What am I?’ Card with a detailed drawing of the seed inside.

Next week we are looking forward to planting some of the seeds we have identified.

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