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Year 2 - discovering India

This week year 2 have worked on finding out exactly where India is in the world using a number of different media. In our topic session we used the Atlases to find all 7 continents and 5 oceans. Once we had labeled all these on our own world map we were able to locate India within Asia and even make a key to show the Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea which border India.

This term in ICT we are introducing the use of chromebooks. Each child has mastered logging in using a QR code and over the course of the term they will become more familiar with the use of the keyboard and mouse pad as they each produce their own India non-fiction book in the book creator app.

In this first session the children have been using the google earth app on the chromebook to search for India on the globe and some of them have even managed to find the capital city New Delhi or the snow capped himalayas.

All of this research has provided a great starting point for writing our very own non-fiction books about India. For example: Did you know there are 22 different languages spoken in India? Or that a King Cobra can kill 20 people!

In addition to all the interesting facts we have discovered about India, its climate and animals, our books will include all the features of a non-fiction text that we have identified such as captions, subheadings and a glossary.

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