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Year 2 - Exploring fractions, flying and families

It is really nice to have the children back after the Easter holidays. We are now ready for the Summer term!

For the last couple of weeks in Maths we have been working on fractions. We have been learning about halves, quarters and thirds. We have worked with numbers as well as with prompts like pizza slices and flags to make sure we understand what fractions are about. We are developing our mathematical language learning about unit and non-unit fractions. We are now learning that the parts of the fraction are called numerator and denominator and what those mean.

In English we have been innovating the poem If I had wings by Pie Corbett. Using his poem as a model we put our brains and imagination to work together to create some poems of our own: pretending to be a parakeet flying over a city in India we used our senses to describe what we could see, smell, touch, hear and taste. We tried to use imaginative vocabulary and creative adjectives to add colour and texture to our poem. As we have been learning about alliteration we also added this feature to our work. Next on our list is to learn about subordinate clauses.

In Science we are learning about growing a plant. Last week we refreshed our knowledge about the parts of the plant and then we started discussing what is the job of each part.

It being our Summer term, our topic is Seaside Holidays. We will be moving from what we know about the seaside to holidays in the past: we will be visiting people from Victorian times and will investigate how different things were back then.

In our RS we have talked about contracts: what they are and what they mean. We wrote our own contracts in which we stated our will to get better in different aspects of our learning.

For Learning for Life we began with our Relationships topic. We have been learning this week about different types of families. It was really nice to hear the children talking about what their families mean to them.

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