Year 2 - Exploring India | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 2 - Exploring India

In English this week, Year 2 have been adding more to their wonderful booklets about India, this week concentrating on the tiger. First of all, the children investigated facts about the tiger and wrote these down in their booklets, being very careful to use subheadings and the present tense. They then discovered how diagrams can add lots more information and detail. They completed a drawing of a tiger by adding labels pointing out relevant facts about the tiger’s appearance, such as ‘strong, muscular legs’, ‘yellow eyes’ and ‘sharp, retractable claws’. They also appreciated how a neat diagram is an eye-catching way to attract the reader’s attention.

The children have also studied the Indian flag in Topic, and they learned the meaning behind the three colours and the blue wheel in the middle. They were then challenged to make the flag in different ways and some were very creative!

In Maths, the children have been looking at tally marks and how useful they are, for they are so easy to draw and read. They have also considered pictograms and how these diagrams can give information. The children found however that pictograms aren’t the easiest to draw as each symbol drawn has to be identical in size!

We have continued with our ‘Keeping healthy’ module in Science, and this week we looked at different ways to keep clean. The children know a catchy rhyme sung to ‘Frere Jacques’ to ensure 20 seconds has elapsed when washing their hands and they found that 2 minutes was a very long time to brush one’s teeth! Some were surprised that a top-to-tail wash was recommended each day to keep clean and that they really need to brush their hair once or twice a day!

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