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Year 2 - Exploring the world around us!

Here we are again…can you feel it? We can!! Christmas is coming!! And what a busy half term we have ahead of us. Let us tell you:

In English the children are becoming more confident with the use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. They are improving their writing skills using expanded noun phrases. They love using the thesaurus in their quest for adventurous words to use in their writing. We have also started learning about the apostrophe: that comma which loves to touch the sky when we use it. And to top up on our favourite author, we have been to the Discovery Bucks Museum in Aylesbury where we learned even more about Roald Dahl and his work. We also enjoyed lots of interactive activities that helped us understand more his writing.

We have started our block on Addition and Subtraction in Maths. Learning about 10 more and 10 less without having to use our fingers has been fun. We have also been learning to use our number bonds mentally to help us with our calculations and apply that knowledge to operations with 2 digit numbers. And this week we have the help from the Clever Spider to show us how to do spider jumps on a 100 square to support our calculations.

For our Topic we have been learning about landmarks. The best way to test ourselves was to go for a walk with a map to guide us where we were able to find the Post Office, the Library, the Train Station, the Roald Dahl Museum….Great Missenden is full of exciting places!

Lots of experimenting has been going on in Science: we have learned about materials and their properties, so now we are carrying fair tests to see why we should not use cotton pads when we are building the roof of our house, or what is the best material to clean the mess somebody left on the floor (oh, dear).

And we cannot forget the Nativity. We are really excited to perform in front of you in about 4 weeks!

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Year 2

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