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Year 2 have a visit from Punch and Judy

On Wednesday, Year 2 had a super day. We watched a Punch and Judy show, for this was a popular form of entertainment at the seaside during Victorian times. We all thoroughly enjoyed the play; it was audience participation all the way! We laughed and screamed, and screamed and laughed some more (all in the right places!). “It was really, really funny.” (George) “The crocodile tried to eat Punch, but we warned him!” (Daniel) And it was funny when Punch and Judy kissed! (Elodie) The children learnt a lot about the history of Punch and Judy; it first came to England over 350 years ago from Italy, and how, during Victorian times, it became a popular tourist attraction. All Punch and Judy shows have the same stories, for example: Judy asks Mr Punch to look after the baby and the crocodile eats the sausages. “The crocodile’s teeth fell out when he ate the sausages!” (Kimaya) “Joey tried to sleep on the crocodile!” (Felix) We were intrigued to find out how Punch’s voice is so squeaky; it is made by a swazzle that sits on the tongue. “It was funny when he (Chris) showed us the swazzle.” (Alex) Later on, we made little card Punch and Judy puppets and theatre and planned our own Punch and Judy show to perform.

Please may we ask that your child’s play costume is in school (in a named plastic bag) on Friday 29 June.

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