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Year 2- If I had wings

Year 2 has been suspiciously quiet this week as we have been striving and persevering to read and respond to a poem. Having learnt about changing the characters, setting and outcome of traditional tales earlier this term, this was a new area of learning for most of the children. Do all poems have to rhyme? Why is the punctuation different in a poem? How does a poet create images for the reader? Where are the conventional capital letters and full stops to demarcate sentences? The curious Year 2 children had a lot of questions before we even got started!

We focussed on the poem ‘If I had wings’ by Pie Corbett . He used his senses to write about what he would touch, taste, hear, smell and see. We drew a story map, invented actions and wrote exciting adjectives using our most creative ambitious language to describe what the poet imagined. Please ask your child if they can recite some of it as they have worked very hard to learn the poem including adding expression. Learning a poem by heart will stand them in good stead for the English Speaking Board exams which the children are encouraged to participate in further up the school.


If I had wings, I would touch
The frail fingertips of clouds

If I had wings, I would taste
A chunk of sun, as hot as peppered curry

If I had wings, I would listen
To the clouds’ soft breath

If I had wings, I would smell
The scent of fresh raindrops

If I had wings, I would gaze
At the people who cling to the earth’s crust

If I had wings, I would dream of swimming the deserts
And walking the seas.

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