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Year 2 - Immersed in the River Nile

Year 2 completely immersed themselves in the ‘Take One Picture’ day this week. In Drama they explored the characters’ poses in Orazio Gentileschi’s Finding of Moses painting. They thought about why the characters might be in particular positions and recreated them in a living gallery. The rest of the class then pressed an ‘un-pose’ button to bring the characters to life and hear what they might be thinking or looking at.

The River Nile was the focus for History and Geography and pupils researched and discussed the importance of the river for Ancient Egyptians. Using their knowledge of river formation and working in small groups the class made their own River Niles with soil, pebbles and grass seed (which will hopefully turn into ‘crop’) before dramatically flooding their Nile river beds

In Science, Year 2, investigated buoyancy using a variety of materials. They compared results and found that plastic was the most buoyant, paper the least. That knowledge was then utilised in the making of Moses baskets out of recycled materials.

A truly inspirational week led by the curiosity of the class members.

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