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Year 2 investigate how tea gets from plant to cup

During our topic lesson this week we investigated how tea gets from plant to cup. We looked at pictures of the leaves being picked by hand and thought about how the images compared to what we know about farming methods in this country. We discovered that the top younger leaves are specifically chosen for their flavour. We watched how the leaves are processed in a factory and found the regions Assam and Darjeeling tea come from on a map. We studied and described the loose leaves before tasting the tea which some of us really enjoyed whilst others thought it was too bitter.

In Maths we have been learning to look very closely at 3D shapes, investigating their properties and using the terms edge, face and vertices to describe them. It is very challenging to accurately count these properties without losing count but the children were able to state how many polydron pieces they needed to make a range of 3D shapes. How many matchsticks were needed to create the frame of the shapes and counting vertices feels like a much easier task when you have used marshmallows to join your spaghetti pieces!

These activities were so much fun the children would love to demonstrate their engineering skills at home and gain further practice of using their mathematical vocabulary.

We hope you all get the opportunity to visit the Take One Picture display with your child today and see all the wonderful work they produced in response to this year's painting.

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