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Year 2 learn about how to keep healthy

A very Happy New Year to you all! In Year 2 this week we have kick-started the year off with learning all about how to keep ourselves healthy in science. We began by looking at different ways to sort food into either healthy, unhealthy or a bit of both using a venn diagram. We discussed which foods we should eat everyday and it was interesting to find out about some foods that we thought were good for us but actually contained a lot of sugar, such as some breakfast cereals. We also discussed some items we loved - but shouldn’t eat too often!

We then explored which foods were carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vegetables and fruit and sorted them into their correct categories. We all noticed that we are having healthy lunches at school, especially when we add salad to our plates.

To continue to support your child’s science learning this week, we would love for you to discuss the different types of foods you are eating together at home.

Throughout the week, we have also started to explore India as our new topic. The children have thought about what they already know and what they are keen to find out about this half term. We have explored lots of non-fiction books and identified the special features that make them different to fiction books. Throughout the next few weeks, we will be making our own information texts about India including all of the exciting facts we’ll find out.

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