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Year 2 observe rapid growth of their seeds

The Summer term is always fun, observing and investigating the world around us. After a cold start to Spring, plants have leapt into life and Year 2 have been excited to see their beans and cress grow ‘right in front of us’! The children have set up investigations with beans and cress seeds this week, building on their knowledge of what seeds need to grow. Next week, they will explore how plants grow further by asking their own questions, and then planning their investigations to find the answers.

In Forest School, the children looked for beauty in nature and, by using magnifying glasses they were able to look closely at their objects. They then drew their findings in as much detail as they could. We have some talented and observant children who drew feathers, leaves and flowers. Butterflies unfortunately didn’t stop for long enough!

In Maths, the children have been learning how to use the expanded method for column addition. We looked at the importance of place value when partitioning and setting out the method. They enjoyed finding the 10s and 1s and then successfully completing the additions. They will be taking these skills on to using this method when subtracting next week.

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