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Year 2 - transported to the Hebrides and mastering money

This has been our final week with Katie Morag and we have so enjoyed immersing ourselves in her life on the Isle of Struay. We have been really looking closely at the Island this week from the point of view of a visitor. In Topic we have been reading tourist information about the Isle of Coll to evaluate what a trip would be like for example ‘Would it be a good place to visit if you liked to build sandcastles?’ and ‘Would you feel safe there?’. We were surprised to discover that there are no police on the island because there is no crime! Did you know there are only 100 people who live on the Isle of Coll during the Winter and we considered what reasons there would be for this number to double in the summer. In our English lessons we carefully studied the map of Struay to identify things one could do on a holiday to the island such as visit Castle McColl, play golf or go seal spotting. We then cast ourselves in the role of a holiday maker to write a postcard to a friend telling all about our imagined stay on the island. These were then completed with beautiful illustrations in the style of Mairi Hedderwick.

In Maths we have been continuing our work on money, finding totals, calculating change and combining these skills to solve two step number problems. The children would enjoy continuing to use these skills at home.

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