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Year 2 - Units, positional language and diaries

In Maths, the children in Year 2 have been exploring mass and capacity. They have been developing their knowledge of a variety of units of measurement and have been tucking into an assortment of different practical investigations that have inspired curiosity. The children have had to consolidate skills and build upon their understanding of estimation and round measurements to complete reasoning challenges. The children have become increasingly confident when explaining their mathematical thinking and can justify why they have worked out a question a particular way. In computing we have been learning how to code and have used a programme that teaches the children the javascript behind each instruction. We have extended our computing into our Forest School learning as the children have created their own ‘maps’ that they will be navigating each other around using a variety of positional language and codes.

In our English lessons, we have started to learn about diary writing. We are studying the book ‘Flotsam’ which is a picture book with no words. This gives children the opportunity to develop their creativity and generate a variety of ambitious language choices. The children are growing in confidence using subordination in their writing and are enjoying creating their own texts to accompany the illustrations. We spent the beginning of the week sequencing the story and identifying key features of diary entries. The children identified how to write in first person and which keywords are needed to write their own diary entry. So far we have discovered that the book is about a little boy who visits a beach with his family and discovers a mysterious camera that has been washed up on the shore.

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