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Year 2 visit Mop End

Year 2 children (and their teddies) all enjoyed a wonderfully autumnal day on Tuesday to Mop End Field Centre. We began the morning by meeting Barnaby Bear and deciding what essential clothes and foods he would need on a trip through the woods - sadly the sunhat wasn’t essential this time! However, the rain did hold off for us and children developed their map reading skills to identify places that Barnaby wanted to visit and they planned a jam packed route around the woods. Stepping outside, the children learnt how to find North on a compass and set off around the forest, taking it in turns to lead the way and carry our important items. Along our path, we discovered many signs of autumn and imagined what the woods would like during the other seasons too. We also learnt why some trees had to be cut down. After searching under logs and branches for as many bugs and insects that we could find, we safely returned them to their natural habitats and enjoyed a few minutes of quiet observation time. Children used their senses to describe, write or draw what they could hear, see, smell and feel. Then, during our walk back, we collected different coloured leaves to stick to our own tree and made a mini collage.

In the afternoon, we all took our precious teddy bears on a trip into the woods to build a shelter. In small groups we decided that they would need to be warm and dry and worked together to use sticks, leaves and moss to build some very creative shelters that our bears could all fit in. Some even had their own outdoor pools, gardens and lookout tower! Can you spot the lookout point in one of our snaps?

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