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Year 2 visit Neasden Mandir

Our topic on India continued this week with a trip to Neasden Mandir. Having learnt in R.E, that Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world with over 900 million followers, it was a wonderful opportunity to experience first hand some of the customs.

Bella was ‘so surprised when we first turned the corner on the coach and saw the actual Mandir because it was so very, very beautiful!’

Once inside we visited the marble temple where the children looked for the statues of the Gods we had been learning about, the Monkey God (Hanuman) and the Elephant God (Ganesh) were Sienna’s favourites. We then attempted to count the pillars which support the ornate domed ceiling. Hadleigh loved feeling all the details on the carved walls and pillars and laying on the floor looking up at the temples domed ceiling with all its pretty carvings was the highlight for Freddie.

The children were fascinated to discover how the Mandir had been carved with hand tools in India, from Italian marble and then shipped to Neasden in numbered pieces to be assembled like a jigsaw puzzle. Jamie was particularly interested to hear it took over 1000 volunteers 3 years to assemble.

Phoebe and Trey really enjoyed going out onto the balcony and looking down onto the garden but some of us thought it was a bit cold.

Hugo and Jemima both thought the music and singing during the Arti ceremony was great.

Lennon sumed the day up perfectly - I didn’t know it was going to be so fantastic!

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