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Year 2 visit the Roald Dahl Museum in Aylesbury

The week started with a whizzpopping trip for Year 2 to The Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery at Buckinghamshire County Museum. The children were transported into a magical Roald Dahl story experience, where they learnt fascinating facts about how Roald Dahl came up with so many wonderful ideas and characters in his stories. The children even got to share some facts of their own that they had learnt in class!

Throughout the day, the children were able to explore all of their favourite Roald Dahl stories through a range of fantastic hands on activities, such as exploring the magical bugs in James’ giant peach or spying on each others conversations using the BFG’s giant ear.

After travelling in the great glass elevator, actors were chosen to dress up and act out dramatic scenes from Charlie and the chocolate factory.

“I loved the fantastic Mr Fox tunnel the best because we got to crawl through and inside there was a badger, a tiny mole and a sparkly crystal” - Victor.

During the afternoon, the children worked together to help Charlie’s bedridden grandparents see the wonders of Bucks by making a quilt inspired by the Museum and its collections. Each child decorated their own fabric square inspired by their favourite museum object, which we stitched together to make the blanket. Come and take a look at it proudly on display in Year 2!

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