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Year 2 - Working hard across the curriculum

We know that Year 2 students always work hard and try their best, but this week they have gone above and beyond with their concentration and focus in all their lessons, but especially in the specialist subjects.

In Art, the children have been thinking about dinosaurs. They were inspired to create different dinosaur-inspired artwork, including 3D models, hand puppets and greetings cards. The range and quality of the finished projects was fantastic!

In Music, the children have been learning about the life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach, the famous composer. They listened to his Brandenburg Concertos and thought about how the music made them feel.

In PE, the focus has been on football, which has been a highlight of the week for several children!

Of course, we have had lots of fun in Maths and English too. In Maths, Year 2 has been learning about fractions. Using blocks, pictorial representations and their multiplication tables, the children were able to find half and quarters of amounts. In English, we have read ‘The Diary of a Wombat’ by Jackie French. This hilarious story focuses on a week in the life of a very cheeky wombat who has a love of carrots and spends his time digging up the garden. Using this book as a focus, we have learned about writing in the past tense and first person, using conjunctions to join sentences together and also using powerful verbs to add more detail to actions. Surprisingly, a large number of Year 2 have decided that they would like to have a wombat as a pet!

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