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Year 2 - writing non-fiction and mastering multiplication and division

As we come to the end of our first full week of remote learning we are feeling so proud of how well the children have adapted to online learning. It has been such a joy to be greeted by their cheerful faces each morning and see them applying themselves to all their learning with such enthusiasm. We begun our studies of India this week and the children ‘turned detective’ in English on Tuesday, finding a non-fiction book on their bookshelves at home and searching its pages for the key features of non-fiction texts such as Contents, Glossary, Index, Headings, Captions and Diagrams. The detective work continued as the children extracted key information about India’s location, size and population from an excerpt of a text about India. Their new found knowledge was then used to write their own introduction page for a non-fiction text which included headings, photos, maps and captions.

In Maths we have been continuing our work on Multiplication and Division and thinking about sharing objects into equal groups, the fun of doing this at home has meant the children have used all manner of objects to support their learning from the more conventional whiteboard and pen to socks, Lego bricks, pasta, cheerios and even an eclectic mix of kitchen utensils!

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