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Year 3 learn to scale up and down in Maths

In Maths this week, Year 3 have been learning to scale up and down. The children have looked at various recipes and have been tasked with changing the recipe so that it caters for differing numbers of people. For example, if a recipe that can feed 10 people requires 100g of butter, how much would you need to make enough for 5 people? They have had to apply their knowledge of multiplication and division in order to be successful.

After all their hard work during the week, we ended with a special treat. The children were given a recipe for fridge cake that they had to scale down. They then tested whether or not they had done it correctly by making the cake following their altered recipe! This also provided reinforcement of the work we have done in the past on weight.

During the half term holiday (hopefully sunny!) you could support this work at home by involving the children in cooking their meals. Looking at recipes and scaling them up or down. Spending time learning their tables and discussing how these relate to the division facts will also be a very beneficial way to pass some time on car/train/plane journeys!

Enjoy the half term, we look forward to welcoming the children back for the final part of their Year 3 adventure!

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